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What About Beta Reading?

Beta Reading is a great option for a lot of authors. A beta read is a straight assessment and review. The author with get a one-page write up, reviewing the manuscript and the continuity of the writing. Beta Reads are not as comprehensive as a Developmental Edit, but the turn around is usually pretty quick and a Beta Read might be the fresh look at your work  you need



What Kind Of Books Does The Burnished Word Work With?

What About Sensitive Subjects?

We are happy to consider most works of fiction and select non-fiction , including memoirs, biographies, and autobiographies.  If you think we might be a good fit for your needs but you are not sure if your manuscript meets our criteria, just ask.

Secrets, problems and messy lives make for interesting reading. Writing it all down, even in fiction, can leave writers feeling exposed and vulnerable. The Burnished Word is dedicated to creating a safe container to explore difficult content, without judgment, before it goes out to the public.

Does The Burnished Word Work With Neurodivergent Authors?


Yes. A lot of creatives have their own way of thinking, and for some, it can be difficult to resonate with readers.  Neurodivergent writers can struggle to transcribe their non-linear thinking into a cohesive, organized story. The Burnished Word specializes in working with authors that are creative, and tailor our processes to your needs.   


If My Book Is Good, Can The Burnished Word Help Me Get Published?


No.  The Burnished Word helps writers craft their manuscript into the book they want to show the world. Our expertise and experience is with working with artists and telling stories. We are completely independent and not affiliated with any publishing house 




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