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Getting Started With A Developmental Edit

Better prepared authors get more out of developmental edits.  


Organizing Your Manuscript

Your manuscript should be organized and formatted and saved in MS Word.  There should have already been a few rounds of self editing and rewriting. Typos and disorganization distract from the story line. The cleaner you can make your writing, the easier it will be to focus on the story.  


Writing Your Synopsis

In addition to your prepared formatted manuscript, it is helpful to have a written one-page synopsis. A blurb that reduces the story to its main points keeps the focus and helps identify what is important. Stripping out what you can from your synopsis will help streamline your manuscript. This is basically writing the back cover. This is a tool to help the edit stay on track



Get In Touch

Once you and your manuscript are ready, and you are considering The Burnished Word for your developmental edit, get in touch using the contact form and we will schedule a free short phone call to discuss your project. Then we can figure out what best suits your needs .We know that not every editor is the right fit for a project, there is no obligation attached to our initial no cost consultation

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